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Your pills at the push of a button

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$29.99/ month

Got Medicare? You may be covered!

If you’re 65+ and on Medicare, you could get Hero at little to no cost.*

Medicare providers may now offer Hero at low to no cost as Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) services. RTM is used to deliver virtual care and support patients in achieving their med adherence goals.

I love hero! It has made my life so much easier. I spend less time worrying about my meds and more time living life.

Paula R Hero Member from Pennsylvania

Our smart dispenser holds up to a 90-day supply of 10 meds

Hero’s automatic pill dispenser alerts you it's pill time with a sound and blinking light. One button press dispenses your dose!

The app helps manage your meds remotely

Our app tracks what you took and when, and helps you stay on track with missed-dose reminders and pills running low alerts.

Our Live Support team is available for you 24/7

You can contact us via phone number (855-855-9962), chat or email (